Shemana White Sage Smudging Stick



The ancient art known as Smudging has been embraced by many cultures throughout time. The tradition of burning botanicals is used to enhance rituals, ceremonies, blessings and prayers.

The scented smoke of White Sage is revered as sacred plant medicine by Native American tribes. Their wisdom teaches us that sacred smoke can assist with purification, protection, setting boundaries, removing negativity and invoking a deeper spiritual connection.


Light the White Sage leaves of the Smudge Stick (using a candle is recommended to easily relight) wait till it ignites, then carefully blow out the flames and activate the sacred smoke.

Be mindful of your thoughts and intentions, allow the scented smoke to surround your space and self.

Burn responsibly:

Keep an eye out for burning embers, you can hold a dish underneath for extra precaution. Consider the surface you put the Smudge stick on. Never leave it burning unattended. Extinguish carefully, (don’t use water) stub out into a heatproof bowl, which can be filled with sand or an equivalent.


Hand rolled Californian White Sage (respectfully & sustainably harvested), Seasonal wild, native and imported dried flowers.