Vaia Skin & Wellness is a Sanctuary for Health and Beauty

Each corner of the space is filled with personalized touches, whilst Vaia’s hand-made natural skincare and customized blends of herbal medicines create an instant sense of wellbeing and balance.

You will feel instantly nurtured as you step inside.

Vaia's Story

Vaia recognized 15 years ago that there is much more to beauty than topical treatments, so pursued her studies in herbal medicine and completed a bachelor degree in health sciences. Through her studies, Vaia discovered that when treating a skin condition, treating the cause will offer long-term solutions as well as rebalancing the body, mind and soul.

Vaia’s passion for natural medicine stems from her mother's and grandmother’s home brewed herbal recipes for skin and health that were and still are an important part of her Greek heritage.

It is the mission of Vaia Skin & Wellness to transform the lives of it’s clients through healing the skin from the inside out - the true essence of holistic.

Nourish your

Mind, Body and Soul

Today, Vaia Skin & Wellness is a stand out clinic that has helped many clients with their skin as well as providing luxurious and relaxing treatments.

Located in the heart of Darlinghurst, the Zen-like luxurious space is home to beauty editors, Australian influencers as well as a loyal clientele that see maximum results with their skin.