Biologi Bg Anti-Pollution Defence Serum


Bg Anti-Pollution Defence Serum is a revolutionary active product researched, designed and developed by our partners, Biologi. The skin is the first line of defence against the impact of harmful environmental toxins. Biologi's ethos of repairing, protecting, and nourishing the skin is at the core of every product development and Bg Anti-Pollution Defence Serum is no different. The world first extract of strawberry gum leaf has been specifically chosen because of its uncompromising ability to strengthen the skin's barrier, build antioxidant protection and nourish and protect the cells. Everything the skin needs to protect the body from the environmental impact we simply can't avoid.


Active ingredients

Vitamin C As the world's only provider of stable, active, plant vitamin C, the plant nutrient brightens the skin, builds antioxidant protection, and helps to promote collagen production. The nutrients work together to reduce the visible signs of ageing and balance complexion to enhance the overall glow.

Salicylic acid In a first for Biologi, the essential skincare acid helps regulate oil flow, keep the complexion clear and calm irritation to reduce redness and lessen the impact of sun and environmental damage.

B group vitamins Harnessing the skin-loving power of B3, B5, B2, and B6, the B vitamin chain works in synergy to reduce redness, increase optimal hydration, regulate oil flow and keep the complexion clear. We love B vitamins for the potent power designed to encourage healing and reduce the redness that can lead to ongoing sensitisation and chronic skin conditions.

Protocatechuic acid, phenolic acids, flavonoids If you haven't heard us loud and clear yet, the skin NEEDS antioxidants! Harnessing a powerful combination of phenolic acids and flavonoids, the active nutrients work in synergy to provide a superior level of antioxidant protection unavailable in any other product. The unique combination of acids is a cellular favourite that works hard on every cell to strengthen the skin's barrier, reduce the impact of the environment, and reduce redness leading to glowing skin.