“I was recommended to see Vaia by a close friend at the beginning of last year, and after feeling at a dead end with my own health conditions I decided I had nothing to loose by going to see if she could help me. A year and a half on I am so happy to be a regular patient of Vaia's and can't believe how much she has helped me over come my hormonal conditions, skin and general wellbeing. 
The space she has created in Darlinghurst is so calming and I look forward to my next treatment every time I leave. Throughout my time as a patient I have received an in depth naturopathic consultation, tailored herbal medicine remedies, skin treatments and her guidance. My acne has disappeared, my periods have returned and I feel far more connected with my body and skincare choices. I value her advice and Vaia has yet to provide me with a treatment or product that hasn't dramatically improved the presenting concern. 
I couldn't recommend a practitioner more and believe her hard work, beautiful personality and calming presence is one that should be greatly appreciated.”
- Holly
April 10, 2021 — vaia pappas