"When I went to see Vaia, my skin was terrible. Hormonal acne dotted my chin, jawline, and had made its way up the sides of my face. And, to make matters worse, my wedding was coming up.
Vaia took one look at me and told me to stay off milk, which I did. She also suggested I change my skincare routine, saying that what may have worked for my skin when it was good wouldn't work for my skin when it had acne.
After a few facials and peels, I began to see amazing differences. My skin was reacting positively to the treatment, with only scars remaining. Now, I'm about to schedule another treatment to remove the scars, and I can't wait to see the results! With my wedding just a few months away, I can't wait to have stunning skin for the day! Thanks Vaia!"
– Charlotte
June 29, 2018 — vaia pappas