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Author, Speaker & founder of rescu

Bahar Etiman

"Vaia's hands on and bespoke beauty treatments have my skin glowing and looking healthier than I can remember. It's like having a
personal trainer for my skin who routinely pushes and tweaks the program to get better and better results. She's also gifted with healing
hands so no matter what I dragged in with me, I leave floating on air."

model & TV presenter

Kate Peck

“No matter what mood my skin is in, it always feels supple, hydrated and relaxed after visiting Mumma V! Vaia’s space is like a blissful secret oasis in the middle of our busy worlds, a wonderful way to wind down and refresh mid week.

I call Vaia's treatment room the 'Oasis', it's like a quiet zen escape from the hectic pace of Sydney. Her facials leave me calm and
literally glowing but it's really the prevention that is key for me. I travel a lot for work so we do a lot of prevention treatment as I'm
constantly dehydrated on planes or out in the sun. Vaia keeps me and my face fine tuned for TV.. That's why I love her!"

Body and Soul Editor

Gemma Sutherland

“I first saw Vaia Pappas because my skin had become red, sensitised and hard to manage. I had also just returned to work post maternity leave and was generally feeling quite stressed with the life change. After my first facial, in which Vaia managed to calm my skin down considerably, she prescribed me an AM/PM routine using Ultraceuticals and she was bang on with recommendations - my unexplained redness had settled down and disappeared completely within 10 days. As a bonus, I felt considerably calmer after her treatment and that's an effect that happens every time I see her.

I feel more balanced emotionally, which is just as important as the glowing skin! Vaia's eyelash and brow tints last longer for me than any other I have received and I always receive many compliments on the shape of my brows after she has worked her waxing magic.

As a trained herbalist, she is also very handy on prescribing supplements if I need them. Her care is truly holistic, and as trialling skin treatments/skin therapists is part of my job, I'm happy to say Vaia is a standout in the industry.”

Actor & Model

Pia Miller

"Thank you for the most amazing holistic facial, light therapy, massage, chat and little ritual. Always such a joy..... Love you x"

Model, TV host & Fitness guru

Rachael Finch

"The moment I stepped into Vaia Beauty I felt like I was at home. I was so impressed at the knowledge, skill and care that was on offer. My skin is glowing, thank you Vaia."

Founder & editor of beauticate

Sigourney Cantelo

"I had my first facial with Vaia over 15 years ago and I was immediately moved by her energy and heart. She is a soulful and skilled
practitioner with magic hands and a deep knowledge of healing, on all levels. Tucked away in urban enclave Darlinghurst, Vaia
Beauty is a haven of beauty and herbal excellence and I'm constantly sending friends and colleagues there as I know Vaia will not only
change their skin, she'll make them feel amazing."

beauty editor at OK!, NW, Woman's day, Take 5 & Beautyhaven

Elise Wilson

"Not only is the clinic beautiful and calming as soon as I step in the door, Vaia is too. I love results driven skincare and facials, but I'm also a bit of a hippie at heart and thrive off a more holistic approach to treatments too. With Vaia I get everything in one and mind, body and skin are very thankful."


"When I went to see Vaia, my skin was terrible. Hormonal acne dotted my chin, jawline, and had made its way up the sides of my face. And, to make matters worse, my wedding was coming up.

Vaia took one look at me and told me to stay off milk, which I did. She also suggested I change my skincare routine, saying that what may have worked for my skin when it was good wouldn't work for my skin when it had acne.

After a few facials and peels, I began to see amazing differences. My skin was reacting positively to the treatment, with only scars remaining. Now, I'm about to schedule another treatment to remove the scars, and I can't wait to see the results! With my wedding just a few months away, I can't wait to have stunning skin for the day! Thanks Vaia!"


"I couldn't recommend a practitioner more and believe her hard work, beautiful personality and calming presence is one that should be greatly appreciated.”

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