Come with us on a journey  through our newest ritualistic facial on offer- the shamanic facial.
Through soothing, repetitive massage movements, your state of consciousness feels a sense of relief as we work through moving trapped energy and emotional residue sitting in the fascia of the face muscles.
A unique  healing journey of the body, mind and soul, the treatment itself gives
immediate and effective results with facial sculpting that is achieved through lymphatic drainage, an osteopathic style massage and intra oral massage.
Our facial expressions speak a thousand words and play a role in non verbal communication. All emotions matter and all emotions have a purpose. They can however alter our natural face posture. During the session, we remove the mask you are wearing and help to restore the face to its original healthy posture.
This treatment is perfect for those wanting to avoid fillers and cosmetic injectables and is beneficial to skin and the health of face muscles as we perform 75 minutes of blissful massage and complete the treatment with either LED light therapy or RF therapy.
Our Buccal facial is often termed a “non-invasive face lift”  and is a complete skin workout as well as a soul soothing experience.
There is particular emphasis on the muscles around the mouth hence it called the buccal facial after the buccinator muscle which is located in the cheek area.



You can expect the following results:

Instant relaxation

Improved facial posture

Face sculpting

Improved blood flow to the skin

Relief for TMJ and sinus type conditions

The reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

*This treatment is not suitable in pregnancy*

Length: 90 minutes

Cost: $500

September 15, 2022 — vaia pappas