This week I try … an organic facial.

The lowdown Mama V, aka Vaia, is famous for her organic facials based on aromatherapy and botanical ingredients, and I am ready to succumb. Vaia starts with a double cleanse: a foam cleanser to thoroughly remove make-up, followed by a milk one. Next she exfoliates using a gommage to unclog my pores. While she massages my face, neck and décolletage, I enjoy some much needed beauty sleep. Vaia then performs some reiki and applies a hydrating face mask, before massaging my head and giving a lactic acid treatment to my arms and hands. The restorative infra-red light comes last.

Pain factor More like bliss factor.

Downtime Facial, 75 minutes; LED therapy, 20 minutes.

Results The massage technique boosts circulation and helps to rid skin of built-up toxins. My skin was blissed out, as was I.

Where to get it Sydney: Vaia Beauty, Cost: facial, $200; LED therapy, $60.  

At home try Vaia Luna Oil, $45,, post cleansing.


June 19, 2018 — vaia pappas